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This page was last updated: November 21, 2019
Louis (Polliman)Brown
This page is dedicated to our father Louis Brown also known as Louis Polliman Brown. Our father was born in Alexandria Louisiana in 1918 and was one of eight children born to Mr. James B. Brown and Charlotte Gibson. Daddy had four Laura, Beatrice, Doll(died at birth) and Olivia Brown. His brothers were James Junior, Freddie, and Truddo Brown\
According to a letter from Aunt Olivia dated September 22, 1990 to my brother Louis Brown Junior, our grandmother Charlotte Gibson Brown was born in either Mansur or Belle Glade near Marksville Louisiana. Our grandfather James Brown Senior was born in the Methodist Hills Community in Pineville Louisiana. 
Also according to Aunt Olivia, our great grandfather Solemon Brown was a slave when she was a little girl. She describes him as being a tall man who worked as a houseboy always wearing a black suit consisting of a long Prince Albert coat, a white shirt and bow tie. She said our great uncle (grandma’s brother owned an oil field in Oklahoma, and she(Aunt Olivia) remembered riding in a covered wagon in Alexandria Louisiana when they moved to the family house on Wise Street. According to Aunt Olivia, the family moved using two covered wagons which two of her brothers Truddo and Bud drove when she was about four or five years old. Below is the list of Brown family descendents.

JOHN GIBSON FAMILY TREE ( our great-grandfather) grandmother's father
John Gibson married Clara Mitchell and had three children:
1. George Gibson
2. Memile Gibson
3. Charlotte Gibson who was born March 2, 1889 

SOLEMON BROWN FAMILY TREE(our great-great grandfather) grandfather's father  
1.Solemon Brown Jr.
2. Walter Brown
3. Sarah Brown
4. Joshua Brown
5. Seal Brown (half sister)

6. James B. Brown our grandfather became a minister and married Charlotte Gibson. Through their union eight children were born : 

1.Truddo Brown born in 1913.

2. Freddie Brown born in 1915

3.  James Brown Junior    

4. Olivia Brown Woods born in 1920

5. Beatrice Brown born in 1924

6. Doll Brown

7. Laura brown

8. Louis Brown born 1918 married our mother Ruthie Mae Dorty on August 1, 1941 and through their union three children were born:

1. Louis Brown Junior born June 6, 1942 married Alma Hayes and had no children. Louis married again and with his second wife Patricia Calvin they had two children;
1. Larissa Brown who has two sons
2. Louis Brown Junior III no children
3. Donna Hayes( Louis's step daughter) from Pat's previous marriage

2. Kay Frances Brown born December 22, 1944 married Aulton Cryer and had two children
1.Tonya Lynne Cryer who has 1 child Jasmaine Chatman
2. Aulton Cryer Jr who has two children Aeriell Briana Cryer, and Aulton Brizby Cryer III

3. Michael David Brown born December 6, 1945  had six children
1. Tyrone Brown
2. Michelle Brown
3. Lance Perry
4.Charquenta Brown
5. Cha' nun Brown
6. Sandra Brown

4. Robert Lee Johnson was born March 20, 1949 to Ruthie Mae and Henry Johnson during Louis and Ruth's separation. 
Robert had one child with Debra.
1. Quintina Johnson
Other Children
1.Hali Holder

Note: no part of this webpage may be used or reproduced without prior written permission of the site owner Kay Durden or Louis Brown Junior. 

Grandma Charlotte younger, and older
Freddie, 1st wife, 2nd wife
1967 Louis Brown, later life in Venice California.
Truddo Brown's son and his wife
Doretha Newton Jackson
(Laura Brown's daughter 
Olivia Brown younger(right)