Lilly Young Dorty Parents and Siblings
Ralph Young (believed to be father of Lilly Young)
Our grandmother, Lilly Young was believed to be the daughter of Ralph James Young who was born about 1850 and died in 1935. Ralph's wife was Nancy Mathews who born about 1852 and died before 1900. For more information about Ralph James Young's parents, siblings and more click here.

Ralph Young's children are believed to be :
(1) William Young, born about 1870 on the Evariste Archinard Plantation
(2) Ella Young born about 1884 
(3) Mary (Mim)Young born in February 1887. 
(4) Lilly Young born about 1889 married our grandfather Louis Dougherty (our grandfather) who was born about 1881. Our grandfather was one of seven children. He was one of  four children who kept his mother's surname Dougherty when he married grandma in February 1906. 

To see Lilly Young Dorty and Louis Dorty's children click this link.

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Lilly Young and Family before she became Lilly Dorty